How To Add Google Map In WordPress Website

Adding a Google Map to your WordPress website can significantly enhance your site's functionality by providing clear and easy-to-use location information for your visitors. In our latest video tutorial, we walk you through the process of inserting a Google Map into your WordPress site step-by-step. Whether you're a beginner or just looking to add this feature to your site, this guide will help you do it effortlessly.

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How To Add Google Map In WordPress Website

Adding a Google Map to your WordPress website is a great way to provide location information to your visitors, making it easier for them to find your business or venue. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to embed a Google Map into your WordPress site. This tutorial is perfect for beginners and will help you enhance your site’s functionality with ease.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Embedding a Google Map in WordPress

  1. Search for Your Location on Google Maps

    • In the search bar at the top, enter the location you want to embed (e.g., “Singapore”).
    • Once the location is displayed on the map, click on the name of the place to zoom in.
  2. Get the Embed Code

    • Click on the “Share” button located on the left panel of the map.
    • Select “Embed a map” from the options provided.
    • Choose the size of the map you want to embed (small, medium, large, or custom).
    • Copy the HTML code provided by Google.
  3. Embed the Map in WordPress

    • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
    • Go to “Posts” and select “Add New” to create a new post, or go to “Pages” and select “All Pages” to edit an existing page.
    • Click on the page or post where you want to add the map (e.g., “Contact Us” page).
    • Switch from the “Visual” editor to the “Text” editor by clicking on the “Text” tab at the top.
    • Paste the copied HTML code into the content area.
    • Click “Update” to save your changes.
  4. View Your Embedded Map

    • After updating, click on “View Page” to see the Google Map embedded in your WordPress page.
    • You can zoom in or out and drag the map to view more areas.

FAQs: How To Add Google Map In WordPress Website


1. Why should I add a Google Map to my WordPress website? Adding a Google Map helps visitors easily find your location, improves user experience, and provides visual context for your business or venue.

2. Do I need any plugins to add a Google Map to WordPress? No, you can embed a Google Map directly using the HTML code provided by Google Maps without any additional plugins.

3. Can I customize the size of the embedded map? Yes, Google Maps allows you to choose from predefined sizes (small, medium, large) or set a custom size for your embedded map.

4. What if my map doesn’t display correctly? Ensure that you have pasted the correct HTML code in the “Text” editor and not the “Visual” editor in WordPress. Double-check the code for any errors.

5. Can I embed multiple Google Maps on my website? Yes, you can embed multiple maps on different pages or posts by following the same steps for each location.



Embedding a Google Map into your WordPress website is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your site’s functionality and provide valuable location information to your visitors. Follow the steps outlined in this tutorial to add a Google Map to your site effortlessly. For more tips and free training on mastering WordPress, visit WP Learning 101. Don’t forget to check out our My Content Creator Pro WordPress Plugin powered by ChatGPT for creating amazing content and our new WP Track It WordPress Plugin for tracking stats and conversions.

"Master WordPress Today With 31 Absolutely Free Tutorials for Beginners!"

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