How To Make Your WordPress Website Fast

Discover the secrets to supercharging your WordPress website's speed in our latest video tutorial! In just under two minutes, we break down the essential steps to optimize your site efficiently using the popular Autoptimize plugin. Learn how to streamline your website's JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to reduce load times dramatically. Additionally, we'll guide you through optimizing images, implementing lazy loading, and utilizing critical CSS to improve first paint times. Perfect for beginners seeking practical ways to enhance their site's performance without technical overwhelm. Dive into this quick guide, complete with advanced tips and tools, to ensure your WordPress site runs smoother and faster than ever!

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How to Make Your WordPress Website Fast for Beginners


Speeding up your WordPress website is essential for improving user experience and boosting your SEO rankings. In our latest tutorial video, we walk you through the process of optimizing your site’s speed using the Autoptimize plugin—a popular tool with over 1 million active installations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Autoptimize:

  1. Installation and Activation:

    • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
    • Go to ‘Plugins’, click ‘Add New’, and search for ‘Autoptimize’.
    • Install and then activate the plugin.
  2. Setting Up Autoptimize:

    • Once activated, go to the ‘Settings’ and select ‘Auto Optimize’.
    • Here, you can enable optimizations for JavaScript, CSS, and HTML by checking the respective boxes.
    • Don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes and Empty Cache’ once you configure the settings.
  3. Optimizing Images:

    • Move to the ‘Images’ tab within the plugin settings.
    • Enable options like ‘Optimize Images’, ‘Load WebP in Supported Browsers’, and ‘Lazy Load Images’.
    • Save these changes to enhance image loading times without sacrificing quality.
  4. Improving First Paint Times:

    • In the ‘Critical CSS’ tab, you can reduce render-blocking CSS to speed up first contentful paint.
    • This section requires an API key from to generate critical CSS paths.
  5. Extra Optimizations:

    • The ‘Extra’ tab allows further optimizations like removing emojis which can slightly reduce page load times.
    • Check the boxes as needed and save your changes.
  6. Additional Tools and Power-ups:

    • Lastly, explore the ‘Optimize More’ tab for advanced features and related services to further boost your site’s performance.

FAQs: How To Make Your WordPress Website Fast


Q1: What is Autoptimize?

A1: Autoptimize is a WordPress plugin that optimizes your site’s scripts, styles, and HTML along with content images to improve loading speeds.

Q2: Is it safe to optimize my website using Autoptimize?

A2: Yes, Autoptimize is widely used and considered safe. It simplifies and speeds up your website without altering the underlying content.

Q3: Can Autoptimize improve SEO?

A3: Absolutely. Faster websites are favored by search engines, and optimizing your site can help improve your search rankings.

Q4: What is critical CSS?

A4: Critical CSS contains the styles needed to render the visible part of a web page, helping it load and display faster to the user.



Optimizing your WordPress site with Autoptimize is a straightforward and effective way to enhance your website’s performance. Not only does it help in improving loading times, but it also contributes to a better user experience and SEO. For beginners looking to boost their website’s speed without extensive technical intervention, following this tutorial ensures that you can manage optimizations confidently and effectively.

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"Master WordPress Today With 31 Absolutely Free Tutorials for Beginners!"

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