WordPress Posts Overview Tutorial For Beginners

Stepping into the world of WordPress can be daunting for beginners, especially when it comes to managing posts. That's why our latest video tutorial offers a clear and comprehensive overview of how to navigate the WordPress posts section, making it accessible and manageable even for those just starting out. From adding new posts to organizing them by categories and tags, this tutorial will guide you through each function step-by-step. Learn how to sort your posts by date, manage drafts, and even customize your dashboard to streamline your workflow. Whether you’re publishing your first post or cleaning up old drafts, understanding these basics is crucial for effectively managing your content.

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WordPress Posts Overview Tutorial for Beginners


Navigating the WordPress dashboard to manage posts can initially seem complex, especially for beginners. Our latest video tutorial demystifies this process, offering a step-by-step guide to understanding and utilizing the Posts section of your WordPress site. This comprehensive guide covers everything from creating new posts to managing drafts and sorting posts effectively.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing WordPress Posts


1. Accessing WordPress Posts: Start by logging into your WordPress dashboard and clicking on ‘Posts’. This section offers several options, including ‘All Posts’, ‘Add New’, ‘Categories’, and ‘Tags’.

2. Viewing All WordPress Posts: Select ‘All Posts’ to view a complete list of your content. Here, you can see each post’s title, author, categories, tags, comments, and date. This overview is essential for managing your content efficiently.

3. Sorting WordPress Posts: You can sort posts by date, which helps you easily find your most recent content or see older posts. Clicking on the arrow next to the date column will toggle between ascending and descending order.

4. Managing WordPress Posts Drafts and Trash: Explore the ‘Drafts’ section to refine unpublished posts. The ‘Trash’ feature allows you to delete old posts or recover those deleted by mistake.

5. Adding New WordPress Posts: Click the ‘Add New’ button to start creating a new post. You’ll need to input a title and content. This area is where you can bring your ideas to life and enrich your site with fresh, engaging content.

6. Customizing the WordPress Posts Display: The ‘Screen Options’ allow you to customize which columns appear in the list of posts. You can choose to show or hide specific details like author names, making your interface cleaner and more tailored to your needs.

7. Adjusting WordPress Posts View Settings: Adjust the number of posts displayed per page or change the view mode between compact and extended to suit your preferences.

FAQs: WordPress Posts Overview Tutorial For Beginners


Q: How do I add a new category to my WordPress posts? A: In the Posts menu, click on ‘Categories’ and enter the name of the new category you want to create. This helps organize your posts and improves navigability for your readers.

Q: Can I recover a post I accidentally deleted? A: Yes, deleted posts move to the ‘Trash’ where they stay for 30 days. You can restore them by clicking on ‘Trash’ and then ‘Restore’.

Q: How can I make my post appear at the top of the page? A: You can use the ‘Sticky’ feature when editing your post to make it appear at the top of your blog page, highlighting it as a priority post.

Q: What is the best way to manage tags in WordPress? A: Manage tags by going to ‘Posts’ > ‘Tags’. Here you can add new tags or edit existing ones to better categorize your content and improve SEO.



Mastering the Posts section of your WordPress dashboard is crucial for effective content management. This tutorial equips beginners with the necessary tools and knowledge to manage posts confidently, from creation to customization. By understanding how to efficiently sort, add, and modify posts, you can keep your site organized and appealing.

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"Master WordPress Today With 31 Absolutely Free Tutorials for Beginners!"

WordPress Tutorial Videos For Beginners

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